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What we do

We are building tools for climbers and gym operators. Using state of the art technologies, we enhance the sport that you love.

  • Analyze your climbing skill and progress
  • Learn new moves with exciting technologies
  • Organize your routes and setters

Our newest building block is the betaCube. It is build for climbing but can be used in many other domains.


How the betaCube works

To use the betaCube, simply place it in front of a climbing wall, connect it to a power source and press the setup button. The system recognizes the wall within seconds and you can start to create climbing routes, record videos or browse through an already existing set of routes.

The betaCube is a fully integrated system that includes a 3D camera, a projector, and a processing unit. It can be used as a tool to find, explain and solve climbing problems by using the augmented reality app or a life-sized video analysis.

Although the betaCube was developed having climbing in mind, the underlying technologies can be used for a variety of different applications, for example in health care.

Opportunities in Health Care

In living environments or clinics, betaCube could be used for physiotherapeutic treatment and could temporarily be lend by a health care provider. As an example, a patient could use the betaCube as a tool to learn and properly execute a certain exercise to strengthen the lower back muscles in case of back problems or injuries. By tracking the body position, the system could give visual and auditive feedback, instructing the patient during the exercises.

With this, body posture and speed of the exercise can be autmatically advised. Even more complex sequences of exercises can easily be programmed by a trained professional using the recording feature of betaCube.

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Felix Kosmalla



Frederik Wiehr


We are passionate climbers, be it indoors in the gym or outdoors on the rock. Climbtrack is a product of our dedication to climbing and thorough research in computer human interaction.

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